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Leap Confronting Conflict is an award-winning national charity with over 30- year track record in conflict management training and a reputation for excellence in experiential learning to help young people explore their relationship with conflict.

Training offers include group training and 1:1 coaching delivered by Leap’s expert trainers. Our interactive training uses engaging games, exercises and discussions to explore our relationships to conflict, emotional intelligence and facilitating group training to others.

Nationally recognised accreditation:

The training is accredited by London Open College Network at level 2. It is ideal for those who work with young people and would benefit from knowing Leap’s methodologies for exploring conflict and delivering engaging interactive group sessions.

This training will take you through creating a safe space for people to feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts, memories and emotions. To be able to develop group agreements and ground rules, understanding group dynamics and how to debrief and evaluate a training session.

You will also learn many of Leap’s well renowned conflict exercises and deliver them to each-other before delivering to a group in a community setting.

This is also a great way to meet other beginner facilitators with the possibility of delivering together and creating great professional contacts for the future.

Facilitators Development Program 2022
Download PDF • 138KB

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